How To Prioritize Your Mental Health If You’re Managing A Company

Employees often think that life becomes sweeter than ever once you get appointed to manage the company. The amount on your paycheck may double or triple. There may be benefits that only the bosses can avail too. Not to mention, you obtain a huge office all to yourself and have your name printed on the door or desk along with a fancy title.

It is only when some of these folks eventually hold a high position in a company they either built or worked for that they realize that the sweet life of bosses is nothing but an idealistic perception. The money and the extra perks are real, for sure, but in exchange for those is a hefty responsibility. After all, the success of the business lies in your actions and decisions. It won’t be acceptable to make a mistake and apologize later because it might cost the job of your colleagues. At the same time, you need always to be ready to jump on your toes in case a situation requires your immediate attention.

As David W. Ballard, PsyD puts it, “Employers who understand the link between employee well-being and organizational performance are best positioned for success in the economic recovery.”


If this very thought increases your anxiety and hinders you from accepting the leadership role you have been dreaming of, you should try to chill now. There are ways to prioritize your mental health still even when you are busy managing a company.


Surround Yourself With Trustworthy Staff

The first thing you cannot forget to do as soon as the good news comes is to select the most reliable people for multiple vital positions. Remember that every president requires a vice president. You should place trustworthy persons in various departments if necessary. Furthermore, you may need an executive assistant to fix your schedule and handle essential calls on your behalf.

The problem that some leaders face at this point is that they feel shy to remove individuals from their posts, primarily if they have had the same position for years. However, when you know that these folks are not effective at their tasks, then you better use mind over matter to avoid getting surrounded by people who might bring you down.

Communicate With Everyone

Have you heard of workers forming a union within a company and battling it out against the administration? The common reason they offer is that the bosses do not talk to them or listen to their woes. Hence, they feel the need to voice it all out on a grander scale.

This action is a definite source of a headache for anyone who manages the business. The stress you may obtain from the situation can develop into anxiety or another mental disorder. However, you can still prevent matters like this one from ever happening by communicating with everyone under your leadership.


Reiterate The Company Goals All The Time

People always need to get reminded of what they are supposed to do to avoid straying away from their goals. It does not only apply for kids but also for adults who work in a company. After all, when you are doing similar tasks for months or years, you tend to assume that you know everything about it. The truth, however, is that everyone has to push their own limitations to fulfill the company’s objectives.

If you can reiterate what those goals are to your employees, you may be able to maintain positive mental health since you won’t have to clean up their mess.

Stay Open For Growth

Think about the situation in this manner: the members of the board did not promote you because you are perfect at what you do. Most of the time, they do that since your eagerness to improve is highly apparent. Thus, you should always be open to learning new things from your colleagues or clients, regardless if you are the boss or not.

On the other hand, Ester Buchholz, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, emphasized alone time to be able ot think clearly and find sensible solutions for the company. She says, “While unplanned and planned interactions can increase employees’ satisfaction, solitude is very essential for original creative thinking and innovation.”

Final Thoughts

Leaders who only know how to work end up exhausting themselves and the people around them. It may lead to bad decisions sooner than later too, which may then cause depression, anxiety, and other disorders. If you love your new role, for that reason, you should prioritize your mental health often.

Make your well-being a priority by taking care of your mental health as well. There are different online counseling apps, such as BetterHelp, which you can try. These online platforms have made taking care of mental health more accessible for everyone.

“So make it a priority to help people develop good habits,” says Amy Morin, LCSW. “Whether you offer incentives to employees who participate in wellness programs, or you offer free gym memberships, make wellness a top priority for your organization.”

Good luck!