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Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are owned and governed by our organization. Should you not agree to the
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The organization may offer promotions, email marketing messages, advertisements, and
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Please refer to the Privacy Policy for the technicalities of advertising.
Content Use
You may reproduce, display, use, download, and print the website content for personal and non-
commercial use. If you are a member of the academe, as a teacher, student, or scholar, you are
allowed to copy reasonable portions of the content for lesson plans, interactive whiteboards,
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permitted by the law.
In these cases, however, you may not alter or omit a trademark, copyright, service marks, and
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or provide the website content except for some clauses allowable by the Terms of Use. You
may also not use robots, data mining, screen capping, or other types of extraction tools which
may harm or break the privacy rights of the company. Lastly, reverse engineering and
decompiling are also not allowed to avoid altering the user’s website experience.
If you want to use or reproduce some content on the website, you may contact us through our
Contact Us page details.
User-Generated Content
User-Generated Content, which we refer to as UGC, applies to videos, comments, texts, audios,
and other materials which are submitted by the users of the website.
Remember that the company is not liable for any consequences caused by UGC. When posting,
remember not to do the following things:
 Send or post UGC which have patent rights or which will reveal trade secrets, unless
you own these content or are given permission by the direct owner;

 Send or post UGC which will infringe on any privacy or intellectual property rights of
other individuals or companies;
 Send or post UGC which are threatening, defamatory, harassing, embarrassing,
abusive, and hateful to other entities; and
 Send or post sexually explicit images, videos, and texts
By sending your UGC, you waive your right to the content, and you are allowing the
organization to use all of your postings. You grant us a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive,
and perpetual license to modify, publish, reproduce, use, distribute, and display them under
both the name of the company and yours. However, rest assured that we will not give third-party
companies the right to access, use, and distribute the said UGC.
Lastly, please be aware that once you post UGC, there is the danger that the general public will
be able to view your work and read your work several years after posting. With this in mind, we
suggest that you do not divulge any personal information such as your location, financial data,
and medical record numbers.
Copyright Infringement Claims
If you feel that there is a violation of intellectual property rights in one of the posts on the
website, please use the following process below. Your notice must include the following
1. Either your physical or electronic signature
2. Copy or identification of the violated work. You may also opt to include all of the posts
should there be multiple violations.
3. Explanation of how there had been an infringement.
4. Information where the company can contact you such as an address, telephone number,
and email address.
5. A statement which says that all of the things you have complained about are accurate.
Rest assured that we will act promptly on the complaint from the moment we learn of such act.