Effects Of Good Mental Health On Workplace Behavior

Mental health continues to be a taboo topic in the workplace. Some employers feel that they should not enter the personal lives of their employees. However, mental health issues is not just a private matter. It also affects how they behave and perform in the workplace. With this in mind, here are some of the positive effects of promoting wellness in the company. 

Higher Optimism

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Admit it or not, mental health remains taboo. A lot of people still view mental health problems as something abnormal. Thus, many fear judgment from their colleagues, making them feel less comfortable opening up on their issues. This boxed setting leads employees to sadness and isolation, which, most of the time, affect how they work and negatively affect mental health and cognitive performance. 

Therefore, leaders need to step up and address mental health and this disconnect. To support their employees who are challenged by their mental health, they should execute some initiatives to help eradicate the stigma around this topic. 

For one, employers may spearhead an open dialogue. Let this be an avenue for experts to address the misconception revolving around this issue. It is the perfect avenue to promote awareness and educate the whole company on the ins and outs of mental wellness.

This way, everyone will have a deeper understanding of it. The more people are aware of the underlying ideas in this topic; the more their colleagues will have the strength to open up. 

Lower Absence Rate

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Do you know that almost 17 percent of employees take a leave at work because they’re feeling anxious, depressed, or sad? They sometimes do not have the drive to get out of their bed and proceed with their work happenings. Some also feel less encouraged to go to the office since being in a place where no one understands them makes them feel isolated.

Meanwhile, if they have a good mental health condition, they are more likely to feel motivated to go to work, which means a lower absence rate in the long run.  Since more people are present, it increases the overall productivity, which helps the business be efficient. Besides, you don’t have to worry about getting relievers for your mental health concerns, given that they are there to work. 

Better Employee Productivity

One of the best things that good workplace mental health provides to the company is high productivity. Believe it or not, the presence of mental illnesses will have adverse effects on how someone works and their corresponding output. 

For example, workers will exhibit a lack of concentration and focus. Since many negative things are running in their minds, they tend to space out while working. Once they lose focus, they also lose their momentum and train of thought. Therefore, leading to wasted time.

At the same time, burnout and poor overall health stem from poor mental health as well. For instance, some people may have a hard time sleeping because of the ongoing worry and bothersome emotions. It may then lead to insomnia and then an insufficient amount of sleep. Due to lack of sleep, they most likely do not have the optimal energy to work the next day and manage stress, which results in lower productivity. 

However, if their state of mind is at its best, there is a better chance that they’ll be pumped up to do their work. Some bosses do not even have to exert that much effort to keep their workers going since their energy gives them the initiative to do more than what they are asked for. 

Better Employee Engagement

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We have a lot of activities happening in the office. Some initiatives might be as small as weekly meetings, but there are instances that it’s as big as product launch nights and awarding ceremonies. 

If your employees do not have a good mental health state, they may instead choose to skip these events. Lower employee engagement also comes from strained work relationships that stem from the mindset that they don’t have anyone to lean on in the office. But if they’re happier overall, this will give them the courage to interact more with the people around them. They’ll be relaxed to be their best selves as well. 

According to the experts of the world health organization, it’s not only the social part of employee engagement that gets touched when this happens. The complete engagement in terms of better decision-making, design thinking, and process workflow will be helpful in improving mental health. This person will also most likely have more creative juices in their body. Therefore, they get to spearhead more ideas and initiatives that will help the causes of the business. 

Delivering an excellent mental health wellness program in the office is not as easy as it seems. However, as a business leader, it is your responsibility to draft the best ones suitable for your company’s culture and environment. Without initiatives like these, you might lose your best employees. Not only that but not having positive mental health will also cost your company in terms of its operating expenses. 

Start with the little things and jumpstart from there — spearhead lectures and seminars to increase the knowledge on these topics. Then, once the stigma has been broken, this is when you can integrate more significant wellness activities. 


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