Establish Yourself To Become A Leader (Part II)

The position of being a leader is not something you can get any time you want. You have to earn it. You have to make sure that you deserve the position and that you are capable of handling people. You need to require yourself to become the best so that people will follow your every word and action. It is your sole responsibility to allow individuals to choose to listen to your principles. But to be able to do that, you need more than just skills, the right attitude, self-confidence, and ideas. You need a better version of yourself, and here is how you can do it.


Listen To Others

Great leaders do not create a decision based on what these people personally think is right. These individuals manage and build their judgment based on people’s suggestions and opinions. These people know how to listen carefully to what the team feels. So as you see yourself in the leadership position, make sure you understand the importance of listening as you take charge. It is essential to help you make better judgment and solutions. It makes connections smooth. Also, listening to others allow you to learn more by bringing people’s idea forward to the table. It creates opportunities not only for your growth but for everyone else’s development as well.

Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. says, “Great leadership involves bringing out the best in your followers. You need to create an organizational culture in which the strengths and potential of each individual are valued and recognized; one with sufficient flexibility to motivate different types of people and allow them to thrive.”

Learn To Delegate

Leading people is not at all equivalent to you taking and working on the entire task. To accomplish more things and reach a higher percentage of productivity, you have to learn how to delegate. Not only you create a responsible environment for everyone, but you are also adding value to each of your team members. It means you are considering the skills of everyone that you trust them enough to work on their tasks accordingly. Delegation stands for considering people’s capabilities equally or even better than what they can. But note that when things do not go your way, always be patient and be considerate in lending a helping hand.


Treat People With Respect

To become a leader is something that puts you in a dominant position where you can create a reliable representation of your capabilities and abilities. However, that particular position does not serve to disrespect others. Leadership gets associated with respect, and that is something you always have to understand. If you want people to follow you, you need to adhere to their needs. Never think less of your team for whatever reason, even if you think you can do a better job. Always respect people because they deserve that. “The transformational leader,” says Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., “makes sure that “we are all working together for a shared purpose and the good of all.”

Be Yourself

When establishing yourself to become an excellent leader, always remember to be yourself. Be your own leader, and never aspire to become someone else. That is even if the leadership strategy of others pretty much worked before because it does not guarantee the same amount of respect and productivity once you’re in the position. You need to do things your way to understand your situation well. Create a maximum benefit for yourself and the team by allowing personal development.

According to Alan Lyons, a business psychologist, “The understanding, regulation, and use of emotions by leaders can have a substantial impact on their ability to lead. This connection is supported by research showing that emotional skills are critical to the successful performance of individuals at the executive level. Further, the more someone progresses through the organizational hierarchy, the more important emotional skills become in their success.”

In leadership, it is always the best option to start within establishing yourself.



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