Establish Yourself To Become A Leader


A leader is a position that a lot of people admire. It takes power and control over what they want and where they want things to go. A lot of people look up to them because leaders often have twice as many responsibilities rather than rewards. But not every individual can become a leader whenever they want. That is because leadership requires skills and hard work that pretty much does not appeal to every person moving towards their goals. So if you’re going to step up and encourage yourself to become one, consider some tips that genuinely help a lot.

“I’m convinced that the ultimate measure of a leader includes the leader’s track record, their pattern of behavior, contribution, aspiration, and accomplishment over time—across multiple platforms and contexts.” – Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D. 

Useful Tips

Learn From Other Leaders – The journey that a lot of leaders take is different from each other. However, one thing that these people share in common is a failure. Yes, all leaders experience the struggle and hardship of building something worthy of their time, motivation, and effort. A lot of them fail in all these aspects because there are instances that they can no longer control unfortunate situations. Some obstacles and challenges somehow make some of them quit their leadership. As an aspiring one, learn from these leaders’ experiences, note their mistakes, and internalize their resolution process. With that, you can have an idea of how others fail and succeed. As psychologist Lily Kelly-Radford explained, “We believe that leaders learn and they grow, but they don’t learn and grow in the same ways” as each other.”

Believe That You Are Capable – One thing that separates real leaders from others is their belief towards their capabilities. These leaders bring the energy and motivation to the whole team all the time. That is the reason why there is a lot of productivity when there is emotional intelligence on leadership success. Therefore, it is vital that you look at yourself as a leader and that you are reliable, confident, skillful, and responsible. Listen to yourself when it tells you that you are worthy of becoming one. Because when you are positive and confident, people will automatically follow you.


Build The Applicable Skills – There are tons of leadership skills out there that apply to different industries. It is necessary to note that understanding the required skills for a particular purpose is essential in building leadership. Meaning, it is vital that you don’t waste your time learning and mastering an art that is not related to the industry you are handling. So to get in the position you see yourself in, you have to prepare yourself in a leadership role even if that takes you to work behind the scenes.

Share Your Ideas – Not all leaders are good at planning. Not all of them are great at decision-making as well. But the thing that makes these people worthy of their position is their ability to share ideas with the group. These people have a vision that they want others to know and understand what it is all about. So if you’re going to become a leader, do not be afraid to share your ideas with the team. Let them know that you are mentally and ideally present.

Remember that it is not easy to become a leader. But the right attitude will eventually lead you to the position.

Former psychotherapist Professor Hannah Greenwood conveys this powerful message: “Business leaders must have a clear personal vision, says Greenwood. They must have a strong sense of purpose and a desire to create a better future. Why? Because the key task of leadership is to bring hope to those that follow them.”



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