Tips From The 2016 Kansas Leadership Seminar

January 1, 2019 0 By admin

The 2016 Kansas leadership seminar taught me several things about being a leader in a particular company. I have to be honest that during that time, I was having some problems with my firm. The truth is that most of my employees back then were planning to propose a collective bargaining agreement to the management. They were demanding more out from the statutory benefits mandated by law.


However, things started to get better on my part when I started using the techniques I learned from the seminar in all my operations. The workers who are part of the team began to notice a positive change in how we ran the company. For today’s short write-up, allow me to share some of the tips for being an effective leader:


  • Learn how to listen. You need to give your workers a voice to speak up whenever they won’t do. Make them feel that they can say something anything, as long as it is not libelous.
  • Use positive reinforcement to keep them motivated. Otherwise, you will get stuck with an employee who does not know how to deliver the task thoroughly and efficiently.


  • Set a good example for everyone in your team. Keep in mind that you cannot expect them to be good at being a leader if they cannot see how great you are. Show them that you have talents and that you are amazing at what you do.
  • Give them break at times. Do not be afraid to remind your employees to get rest when necessary. Avoid bombarding them with non-stop work to ensure that they can attend to all the emergencies.


Being a leader is a true privilege and honor. You can always take your company or firm to the next level as long as you have trustworthy employees in your firm.