What Qualities Define A Great Leader

Everyone can lead, but certainly, not all can be great leaders because that road is not an easy path to travel.  Leadership is a roller coaster ride concerning emotions, mentality, and circumstances.  In an article he wrote, John D. Moore, Ph.D. mentioned, “To be blunt, just because you supervise people doesn’t make you a leader. That’s not to say managers can’t be leaders. They absolutely can. I’m simply suggesting that a title alone doesn’t bestow leadership qualities.”  There are times that it makes you feel good and confident, but most often becoming a leader is a stressful and dreadful task that sometimes you just want to quit.  It is in the toughest of times that a great leader emerges.   For whatever the circumstances are, he will lead his people to success.

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A Great Leader Is He Who Does Not Only Knows The Way, He Both Goes and Shows That Way

John Maxwell believes that a great leader leads by example.

A great leader knows that his responsibilities as a leader are always to be honest.   He is aware that his company and his employees are a reflection of himself, and so, he will always choose to be honest and ethical in all his behaviors.   He believes that is the crucial value every member of his team should follow.

“The understanding, regulation, and use of emotions by leaders can have a substantial impact on their ability to lead,” says Alan Lyons, a business psychologist. “This connection is supported by research showing that emotional skills are critical to the successful performance of individuals at the executive level. Further, the more someone progresses through the organizational hierarchy, the more important emotional skills become in their success.”

A Great Leader Creates An Environment Where Everybody Is Given The Chance To Be Recognized

A great leader is aware that no matter how great of a leader he is, he cannot do everything by himself.  So, he knows how to delegate tasks.

Believe and trust your employees’ capabilities, that they can handle the job given to them.  You put your confidence in your people, and this is a positive thing, for it will boost their morale.  Feeling appreciated and trusted will encourage your people to do better at their jobs.


A Great Leader Place His People In The Front When Celebrating Victory, But Take The Frontline When There Is A Threat Of Danger 

Such is the wisdom of Nelson Mandela who himself is a great leader and a great visionary.   He is confident about the future, no matter how cloudy the days maybe.

To be considered a great leader, you must have faith in your brand.  That there will be days when monthly sales will not look good, but like anything else that, too, will pass.  Your positive outlook and hope for better days will preserve your people’s morale and will keep them moving forward.


The Art Of Communication Is The Language A Great Leader Speaks

Success knocks on your door when your people understand your mission, vision, and goals.  Clear communication comes with imparting constructive feedback and creating work expectations.  This will make your people become aware and have a realization of what it is they are working for and why.

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Communicating with your employees how you feel when they don’t get things right and when they did great, and imparting it to them will clarity will motivate them to improve and be better.   A great leader builds a relationship with his people through communication.

According to Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, “Confusing task management with leadership is common with even experienced, caring managers. Being a people person because you are approachable and an easy conversationalist is not enough. Outgoing managers often assume their direct reports will come to them with problems and will be naturally motivated to give their best efforts because they create a pleasant work environment, attempt to know something about their employees’ personal lives, and they are patient when doling out goals and directions.”

As you talk to them with grace and compassion, they feel happy, upbeat, and will continue to the path that will lead the company to success.

Henry Ford once utters that when the team moves forward altogether, then success will take care of itself.

A really great leader is defined by his ability to inspire his people.  When your team’s morale is low, find ways to motivate your team.  Keep their spirit up by appreciating their hard work, and speak of kind words that will encourage them to focus on the vision and goals your company is trying to take on.

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Great Responsibility Is On The Shoulder Of A Great Leader With Great Power

As a great leader, you take responsibility for your people’s actions and performance.  When things go well, praise them; but when the boat starts to rock, quickly identify what causes it, look for solutions, and get your team together to work hand in hand to get on solid ground.

Be a leader who is honest, trusting, committed, empathic, accountable and enthusiastic to build a team of happy and passionate people.  Talk to them with respect and they will respect you back.  Never forget these qualities that define a great leader, and your people will put their trust and confidence in you as they follow your lead.

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